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  케스케이드 디자인 피티드시트(R-레귤러)
 소비자가 :  31,000
 판매가 : 31,000
 적립금 :  0
 제조원 :  캐스케이드 디자인
 원산지 :  USA
 특이사항 :  
 색상 :
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제품 사양...
소    재-   polyester

무    게-  6.5 oz (181 g)

사이즈 -   22 ×72 (51 × 183 cm)

Fitted Sheet
When you want to make camp feel more like home, this soft sheet fits snugly over most
Therm-a-Rest® mattresses to give you a more luxurious and restful outdoor experience. 
Use it to connect our blankets and comforters or to connect two mattresses for double the comfort.

  • Next-To-Skin Comfort: Soft, brushed polyester feels great against your skin.

  • Create Your Comfort: Snaps mate with the Tech Blanket or Ventra Down Comforter
                                          or with another mattress-and-sheet combo for a double bed.

  • Easy to Use: Elasticized hem and bottom straps fit easily over your mattress;
                            sheets are machine washable.


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색상 색상|그레이|스트라이프
제품구성 위 상품상세설명란 참조
제조자 캐스케이드 디자인
제조국 미국(made in USA)
품질보증기준 구매일로 부터 1년
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 ㈜호상사/070-4174-4330