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  케스케이드 디자인 트레커 롤색_20
 소비자가 :  25,000
 판매가 : 25,000
 적립금 :  0
 제조원 :  THERM A REST
 원산지 :  미국(Made in China)
 특이사항 :  
 구매수량 :  

제품 사양...

사이즈 :  19 x 58 cm

무   게 :   85 g

에어 매트리스  레귤러사이즈에 사용 가능한 초경량의 압축색 입니다.

This multi-purpose storage sack also includes a soft pillow case that slips over your pad
and lets you simply roll your mattress into the storage pocket

This lightweight and multi-purpose storage sack slides onto the end of your mattress,
providing a soft pillow case to fill with extra clothes.

When you're ready to go, simply roll your mattress towards the top and into the elasticized storage pocket.

A single compression strap keeps things compressed for easy packing.