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  케스케이드 디자인 다운필로우 L
 소비자가 :  78,000
 판매가 : 78,000
 적립금 :  0
 제조원 :  THERM A REST
 원산지 :  Made in China
 특이사항 :  
 색상 :
 구매수량 :  

From all but the most austere backpacks to long flights and train rides, it’s hard to think of a place
this ultralight pillow would not be appreciated.

A soft, brushed polyester exterior is filled with luxurious 650-fill goose down to add that little bit of added comfort
and support you’ve been missing.

You can even customize firmness by adding an extra layer of clothing inside the pocket created
by the perimeter compression cord that makes this pillow an easy travel companion.


제품소재 케스케이드 디자인 다운필로우 L
색상 칠리페퍼,블루
제조자 케스케이드 디자인(THERM A REST)
제조국 Made in China
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 ㈜호상사/070-4174-4330