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  케스케이드 디자인 테크 블랭킷
 소비자가 :  92,000
 판매가 : 59,000
 적립금 :  0
 제조원 :  써머레스트(THERM A REST)
 원산지 :  CHINA (OEM)
 특이사항 :  
 색상-사이즈 :
 구매수량 :  

Like our Ventra Down Comforter, the Tech Blanket creates a whole new level of versatile comfort.

It is to camp bedding what Gore-Tex® rainwear is to oiled canvas jackets—simply a better,
more practical option in the outdoor world.

This lightweight, quilted nylon blanket features a high-loft synthetic fill and soft polyester interior allowing
you to bring home-like comfort anywhere.

It’s perfect for front-country camping, as an emergency winter blanket in your car,
or for adding decadent comfort to your next excursion via air, rail or road.

Create Your Comfort: Use it alone for on-the-spot comfort, or mate it directly
                                      with your Therm-a-Rest® mattress to create a complete sleep system.

New Freedom: Enjoy the added ventilation with unrestricted space to move and sleep—just like you do at home.

Use It Anywhere: Stuffs into its own pocket and is ideal as a fair-weather sleep option, for road trip bedding 
                               or keep it in your car as an emergency blanket.


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제조국 또는 원산지 CHINA (OEM)
제조자 써머레스트(THERM A REST)
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 ㈜호상사/070-4174-4330