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  노르디스크 테일 L
 소비자가 :  140,000
 판매가 : 117,000
 제조원 :  노르디스크(NORDISK)
 원산지 :  독일(Made in China)
 특이사항 :  
 사이즈 :
 구매수량 :  

## 캠핑용 매트 ##

The Thale features low weight and small packing volume, and the comfort is provided by the five-zone construction.

In the zones where body weight is concentrated, we use a firm, closed waffle foam, while in the regions of the legs,
waist and head, where the pressure is less, we use a perforated, light foam.

This refined technique for weight optimisation is completed by the rounded contour.

Superfluous foam is eliminated, as is weight and packing volume.

The valves are also chosen with care, and metal, to satisfy Nordisk quality requirements.

The high-quality foam makes it possible to fold the mat in the middle and roll it up.

That’s what gives it the handy, very small packing volume. For “weight fanatics”, there is a 2.5 cm thickness,
but if you’re more interested in comfort and insulation from ground chill, take a look at the 3.8 cm thick “Thale L 3.8”.

2.5: Article no. 11 4 004

3.8: Article no. 11 4 003


제품소재 위 상품상세설명란 참조
치수 사이즈|2.5|3.8
제품구성 위 상품상세설명란 참조
제조자 노르디스크(NORDISK)
제조국 독일(Made in China)
품질보증기준 구매일로 부터 1년
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 ㈜필즈인터내셔널/02-552-8680